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Over a 100 million children in India, between 6 and 14 years of age, are outside the school system and are therefore highly likely to be child laborers.
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    Vibha - Walk Closure Checklist


    Check List :

    Deposit all checks and cash raised from the event into Vibha's BofA account or send the money to the office in San Jose

    If depositing checks/cash in bank, send Meena (meena@vibha.org)details of the money deposited for her to keep track
    If sending money to the office, send it to the address at:


    Enter all Registrations into the registrations database
    Enter all Pledges into the pledges database
    For any pledges collected at the AC, send a list of paid pledges to Devishree
    For expenses incurred by volunteers, send all receipts to Meena for reimbursals along with details of who needs to be reimbursed
    Complete all paperwork to recieve matching donations from companies. (This is required only from companies that match donations, if the there are pledgers/walkers from these companies at the WALK)
    Close accounts for the event:

    Deposit in the Bank/return to office any money remaining from the Seed Money
    Send in all receipts for expenses made from Seed money (Which don't need reimbursals)
    Sent in final spreadsheet of accounts to Meena. Spreadsheet should show all expenses and revenues. For each expense, comment as to whether the expense is reimbursed from Seed money or by reimbursals from the office. For revenues, comment as to whether the money was deposited in BofA or if the money was sent to the office.

    Send T-shirts to pledgers over $50
    Send receipts and thank-you letters to Sponsors
    Return all sponsorship banners and other materials that needs to be returned
    Organize a feedback session and document any improvements suggested by volunteers for 2004
    Collate data from any survey/feedback-forms collected from Walkers/Patrons
    Send out Press-Release after the event
    Send a brief summary of the event to vibha_acc@yahoogroups.com
    Give out prizes for 20-20 challenge
    Upload an officially closed page to the AC WALK site, National WALK site and National Pledge Drive Page. The pages should give the message that WALK2003 is over, come back and visit this page next year for WALK-2004 information.
    Participate and provide feedback at the National WALK Teams feedback session

    Vibha, 1030 E. El Camino Real, #424, Sunnyvale, CA 94087.
    Email :info@vibha.org
    Phone: 408-997-9992

    Vibha is a US based non-religious and non-political, 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization. All donations to Vibha are tax-exempt in the US.