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Over a 100 million children in India, between 6 and 14 years of age, are outside the school system and are therefore highly likely to be child laborers.
Mission of ITS
Current Priorities
The Team:
  •  Anjan Rao
  •  Mahesh Joshi
  •  Mangesh Bhandarkar
  •  Murali Narasimhan
  •  Ram Senthamarai*



    Vibha - Information Technology Services (ITS)


    The mission of the Vibha Information Technology Services (Vibha-ITS) is to provide high quality, patron-focused information technology services and organization related solutions to the national management and other action centers.


    1. Design, develop and maintain national web site and create Action center web-site templates
    2. Design, develop and maintain Database infrastructure for:
      •  Patrons
      •  Action Centers/Volunteers
      •  Vibha Office
      •  Sponsors
    3. Design and develop applications to help office consolidate finances.
      • Web forms for income, expenses and reimbursements
      • Applications to track product sales
    4. Design, develop and maintain Online transactions forms:
      • Event registrations
      • Credit card processing
    5. Design, develop and maintain ticketing infrastructure (V.Low priority)
    6. Design, develop and maintain online product catalog.
    7. Patron communications – bulk email –
    8. Email at end of year tax statements.
    9. Content Publishing tool. (V.Low priority)

    What are we currently working on:

    1. Setup Online Donation on our website. (by 10/30/2003)
    2. Database infrastructure to store patron and volunteer information. (Completed)
    3. New Vibha Web site (by 12/30/2003)
    4. Walk Infrastructure (Completed)

    If you have any suggestions or comments regarding ITS, please do not hesitate to contact us
    Email :vibha-its@yahoogroups.com
    Maintained by: Ram Senthamarai

    Vibha is a US based non-religious and non-political, 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization. All donations to Vibha are tax-exempt in the US.