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Over a 100 million children in India, between 6 and 14 years of age, are outside the school system and are therefore highly likely to be child laborers.
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    Vibha - Event Reports


    List of events for 2003:

    Date Action Center Event
    May - 3,4 and 10th Atlanta   The Maharaja Cricket Cup 2003
    May 3rd Bay Area   Bowlathon
    May 17 and 18 Bay Area   Heritage of India Festival



    The Maharaja Cricket Cup 2003, organized by Vibha during the 3rd, 4th and 10th of May is a rousing success and generated terrific participation from the local community. Click here to read about the coverage on cricket and the tournament in the Atlanta Journal of Constitution!

    Prabhu Natarajan, Atlanta

    P.S. Thanks to Giri from our Action Center for handling the AJC reporter. He is working on providing factual information to the reporter on the number of Vibha action centers that was misquoted by the reporter.

    Thanks to Niket for the timely update to our website with this terrific publicity on AJC! You can visit Atlanta's website at atlanta.vibha.org

    Bay area bowlathon
    Our first event of the year 2003 was a success. We had a very good turn out, especially given where we were just a few days prior to the event. All credit goes to your efforts in publicizing the event.

    The best part of it all is we got some new volunteers interested in joining us in this great journey that we have undertaken.
    I would like to thank kiran, ram, raja for helping out in the publicity. I would like to thank ganu, mona, maruthi, devi, jeydev, venky, viji for helping out on the day of the event. I am sure i have missed someone because there were more ppl who helped out. I would like to thank hari for helping out with the planning of the event.
    I would like to specifically thank Aruna for her tremendous effort. I am not even going to try to mention the list of items because i am bound to miss a few of them.
    Lets continue this tradition and make the following events a much bigger success. Looking forward to working with you all in the upcoming events...

    Heritage of India Festival

    May 17 & 18, 2003
    Alameda County Fairgrounds, Pleasanton, CA

    Heritage of India festival is festival focussed on the
    Indian culture with a lot of cultural programs and
    about 60 booths from various vendors.


    -This was a fantasic branding opportunity for Vibha.
    -Over 11k people attended the event.
    -Net revenue from the event was 2.5k.
    -60 new volunteer signups
    -22 patron signups.

    The deal

    We worked out a very beneficial contract with the
    Heritage India Festival organizers (Rushi Inc.)
    who were really very nice. Vibha was offered the following :

    - 10 c per ticket sold (gate price was $5, cheaper online)
    - 2 to 3 minutes stage time twice a day
    - Three super huge 20x20 booths free of cost
    - One food booth, free of cost
    - Logo publicity in most of their fliers printed after the contract

    In return, Vibha had to do the following :

    - Supply 10 volunteers for the festival on each day of the event
    - Help with store and email publicity
    - Provide entertainment in the form of children games in our booths

    Vibha teamed up with a local restaurant & got 30% of the
    proceeds from foodsales. Vibha also had games/mehndi/
    drawing/face painting in their booths to involve kids
    and raise some money through those channels.


    Number of volunteers at the festival: 47 over both days

    Volunteers on May 17, Saturday:
    1. Aarthi Ramaswamy
    2. Anand S. Kumar
    3. Anush Mohandass
    4. Arun Santhanam
    5. Aruna Yerragudi
    6. Devishree Radhakrishnan
    7. Kaushik Mittra
    8. Kavita Nayar
    9. Kavitha Manickam
    10. Maruthi Bhaskar
    11. Meena Motwani
    12. Nita Thakur
    13. Pradeep Ananth
    14. Raja Gobi
    15. Rajesh Haridas
    16. Rekha
    17. Roopa Dharmapuri
    18. Rupa Kalidoss
    19. Sam Rao
    20. Shobhana Ahluwalia
    21. Siva Natarajan
    22. Vandana Vidwans
    23. Venkatesh Subramanian
    24. Venu Pola
    25. Vikram Nagulakonda
    26. Vinay Gupta

    Volunteers on May 18, Sunday:
    1. Aarthi Ramaswamy
    2. Anand Krishnamurthy
    3. Ankur Jain
    4. Anush Mohandass
    5. Arun Santhanam
    6. Devishree Radhakrishnan
    7. Ganesh Balamitran
    8. Jay Thakre
    9. Jeydev Rajamani
    10. Keena Shah
    11. Kiran Parashar
    12. Lalitha Swaminathan
    13. Maruthi Bhaskar
    14. Monika Taparia
    15. Prasad Nellipudi
    16. Pratik Bang
    17. Puja Manglani
    18. Raja Gobi
    19. Rajashri
    20. Rajesh Haridas
    21. Ram Senthamarai
    22. Sam Rao
    23. Senthil
    24. Shwethambari Ram
    25. Somnath Mani
    26. Sripriya Dev
    27. Uday Kiran
    28. Venkatesh Subramanian
    29. Viji Iyer
    30. Vinita Srinivasan

    HI festival authorities had asked for 10 Vibha volunteers
    per day to help with the festival logistics. But, at no
    point in time did they use all 10. Most of the time, they
    just need 2 volunteers with a maximum of 4 at a time for
    very short bursts (approximately 5 - 10 mins).

    HI festival authorities were very appreciative of the help
    provided by Vibha volunteers with pre-event publicity and
    days of the event tasks.

    Booth Details
    Food Booth (Booth #6)

    Partnered with Swagat Indian Cuisine. Only South Indian food stall at
    the festival. The most popular food stall at the event. We had two Vibha
    banners at the food stall.

    Idly - $3
    Vada - $3
    Soft Drinks - $1 (coke, sprite, water, etc.)
    Mango Lassi - $2
    Masala Dosa - $3
    Bisi Bela Bath - $3

    Vibha Booth 1 (Booth #22)

    o Games: Ring Toss, Tic-Tac-Toe - $1 for 2 games
    o Prizes: Points redeemable towards things like T-shirt, stuffed toys,
    yo-yos, whistles, etc.
    o Bunny Costume: Polaroid picture with bunny - $3
    o Vibha Information

    Vibha Booth 2 (Booth #38):

    o Mehndi - $3 for half hand (for kids)
    $5 for full hand (for kids)
    $5 for half hand (for adults)
    o Drawing - Drawing sheets, crayons and other drawing accessories were
    provided for the kids to draw. Kids were given a certificate
    of appreciation & free candy (a pack of M&Ms) for their
    efforts. We retained the drawing from kids and displayed it
    in the booth. We also took pictures of kids drawing on
    Sunday which can possibly used in our promotional material
    o Face Painting
    o Vibha Information

    Vibha Booth 1 (Booth #45):

    o Games: Can Can, Marble Game, Dart Game (on May 17 only) - $1 for 2 games
    o Prizes: Points redeemable towards things like T-shirt, stuffed toys,
    yo-yos, whistles, etc.
    o Vibha Information

    Sign Ups

    Number of people signing up at the booths : 82
    Number of people expressing interest in volunteering: 60
    Number of people wanting to be added to patron list: 22
    A few high school kids expressed interest in volunteering and
    is included in the number above.
    If Rushi decides to make HI a recurring event in the BA, then we can do a
    lot more. If we are able to include it in our annual planning, we could
    have planned for more publicity at the event:

    1. Better Banners
    2. More publicity of our upcoming events, ticket sales etc.
    3. Maybe a prepared skit/songs on stage to get the Vibha name out.


    This event was just fantastic for Vibha. The branding that was done exceeded
    all expectations. A revenue of 2.5k should be treated as just the icing.
    We will definitely do it on a bigger scale for 2004 to improve revenues.

    If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know.

    Arun Santhanam
    Vibha San Francisco/Bay Area

    If you have any suggestions or comments regarding Events/fundraisers, please do not hesitate to contact :
    Email :vibha-fundraisers@yahoogroups.com
    Maintained by: Ganesh Balamitran

    Vibha is a US based non-religious and non-political, 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization. All donations to Vibha are tax-exempt in the US.